Experiential Graphic Design (XGD)

Experiential Design

Experiential Graphic Design (XGD)

Enhance interior and exterior spaces to communicate and build brand value.

Experiential Graphic Design (XGD) involves the orchestration of typography, color, imagery, form, technology and especially content to create environments that communicate. A unique discipline of Image360 Plymouth MI, XGD shapes experiences that orient, inform, educate and delights users. Through integration -- and with imagination -- we'll help you deliver key messages, establish or reinforce your company or organization’s identity, and strengthen the bond that visitors have with your brand. That’s important. Because now, more than ever before, each connection counts.

Combining creativity, ideation and design development, XGD does not envision a lobby, courtyard or other area. Instead, it imagines a space that, through the seamless application of signs, graphics, displays and artwork, becomes an environment that is yours, and yours alone. 

With Image360 Plymouth MI, you now have a convenient, single source for Experiential Graphic Design. As an XGD Certified Resource, we can help you create cohesive and integrated environmental graphics that strengthen the overall image of your organization and the comfort of those who visit.

By using one authority for all environmental graphics inside and outside your facility, you can:

  • Achieve greater aesthetic consistency between sign designs, colors, typography, display elements and art themes
  • Attain cost efficiencies associated with bundling your needs with a single-source provider
  • Optimize space utilization and improve placement coordination for signs, displays and more
  • Reduce the risk of miscommunication that can lead to mistakes or missed timelines
  • Devote less time to managing and coordinating multiple vendors

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Expert assistance for a specific XGD project ... or an entire corporate program.

If your goal is to allow visitors to find their way more efficiently or to provide an atmosphere that’s not only communicative but attractive, Image360 Plymouth MI can help. Among the many types of spaces we enhance through XGD are:

  • Churches, synagogues and other religious facilities
  • Corporate environments including branded spaces
  • Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and medical centers
  • Hotels, motels, resorts, casinos and convention centers
  • Office suites, office buildings and multi-office centers
  • Public and private spaces
  • Retail locations, restaurants and banks 
  • Schools, colleges, universities and training centers
  • Stadiums, sports arenas and concert halls
  • Transportation terminals

Whether your project is simple or complex, sited in one location or many, Image360 Plymouth MI brings you a unique combination of vision, design skills, material knowledge, manufacturing expertise and consultation experience. You’re assured of a successful solution to your Experiential Graphic Design challenges.

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